Planting Winter Vegetables…

This week we have planted winter beans and salad seeds. We will grow the salad seeds indoors. We will make sure the seeds are watered. Which seeds have you planted this week?


Baking Cheese and Herb Scones…

Today we baked cheese and herb scones. We used flour, baking powder, olive oil, coriander, and cheese. They were delicious.

What are your favourite scones?

Radio 4 Visit…

Today Radio 4 visited our school to talk about Farming Friday. Harper Adams University also visited. We had a great day. We are going to be on Radio 4 at 6:30am on Saturday 25th November.

What did you prepare to show the Radio 4 team?

Learning To Write Digits…

This week we are learning to write digits. We are thinking about where we need to start writing each digit and how we must write it carefully.

How many different digits are there?

Learning Digraphs…

We are learning to put sound buttons under digraphs. How many digraphs can you think of?

Finger Sentences.

Today we recorded what had happened during our science investigation where we grew cress on the window sill, in the fridge and on the heater.  We wanted to find the best place for the seeds to grow into healthy plants. We said our sentence first, onto our fingers then segmented and blended the words to write them, remembering to use finger spaces between each word.

What do you think happened to the cress in the fridge?


BBC Camera Man…

Imran, a BBC cameraman, came to our learning environment to film us learning. We really enjoyed letting him film us. He had a very big, black camera which we enjoyed looking at. We also enjoyed being filmed!

Did you see Imran filming in your class?


Visit by BBC!

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Today the BBC came to class 1 and filmed us learning. They wanted to find out about our ‘farming and countryside’ award. We showed them our lovely outdoor environment and let them film us making bread. What did you say … Continue reading


Making Camomile And Mint Apple Juice.

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As part of our learning about different herbs we made camomile and mint apple juice. First we added 3 camomile tea bags and 20 mint leaves, from our green ouse, to 1 litre of boiling water. We let this stand … Continue reading

Balancing Beanbags!


As part of our topic ‘Me’ we have been learning to balance beanbags using different body parts. Today we balanced beanbags on our head, shoulder and the back of our hands! Then, to challenge us we moved around in different ways making sure the beanbag did not fall to the ground. We chose to walk, skip, jump and ‘tip toe’ to move into different spaces whilst balancing the beanbag. Can you suggest other ways we could move with our beanbag?