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Reading Favourite Stories.

Today, we shared a story one of our friends brought from home. It was about Winnie The Pooh on a windy day. We really enjoyed this story.

Which Winnie The Pooh books have you read?


Holi Biscuits…

As part of our learning about Holi we baked Holi cookies. They were bright and colourful as Holi is the festival of colours and celebrating the triumph of good over evil. What colour biscuits would you bake for a Holi … Continue reading

Reading Our Favourite Books…

All of us enjoy bringing in our favourite story books to read at story time. We enjoy listening to stories and joining in with them, learning new words and talking about stories. Today, we really enjoyed a Christmas story!!!! We didn’t mind that it is not the festive season because the story was so good, especially the rhyming words. Which is your favourite story book?


Learning About Holi.

Holi is celebrated next Monday 9th March and Tuesday 10th March. It is a festival from India which celebrates the arrival of spring and he triumphed of good over evil. We are learning about this colourful festival and enjoying making … Continue reading


Holi Dance

As we are learning about Holi we learned a Holi dance. It was great fun dancing to music and adding actions. Which music do you like dancing to?


Where Do Plants Grow Best?

To help us learn about where plants like to grow we have set up an experiment. We planted some cress seeds in different pots and put the pots in different places. One pot was placed on the window ledge so … Continue reading


This week we are learning about addition. Our learning has not only focused upon adding but also using addition words. We played a game outdoors to help us with our addition. What is the sign we can use to show we are adding?

Planting Potatoes.

Today we planted potatoes which we can use to cook with and give to Chef Mark to cook for our school dinners. We planted the potatoes and then placed them in our outdoor area to grow. Then we went to the green house to water the vegetables and herbs we are growing in there. What vegetables have you planted this year?

Making Sandwiches…

As we are growing cress we decided to make sandwiches using cress. We practised holding a knife to spread butter on our bread then chose to add ham or egg with our cress. We also talked about how our sandwiches were healthy for us. What healthy sandwiches can you suggest we make using the cress we grow?