Replanting Beanstalks

Today some of the children have been replanting their beanstalks into bigger pots so they van grow nice and big. The children have made sure the plants have got the right amount of soil and water to live.


Today in class 1 the children went out for some physical education. The children went and did more practice on their running skills and had different races to prepare them for the sports day which isn’t to far away.


Today the children in class one have been learning how to double a given number. The children have been set tasks where they would require a number and double it using stones or mud pies, the children said doubling is like adding the same number twice.


Today in class 1 the children have been identifying their senses and what different senses there are to use on the body, the children found out the 5 senses are, smell, see, touch, hear and listen. The children used their senses when looking at the plants later in the afternoon.

Farming Friday

Today in farming Friday the children and a lot of activities to do one in particular is searching for mini beasts. The children had to think of a place that the bugs would be hiding and try to find them.


Today in class 1 the children went up on the grass to do their P.E. session, the children were practicing their running for sports day. The children had small races between themselves to see who was the fastest.

Rhyming couplets

Today in class 1 children have been looking at rhyming couplets, children have been looking at a word and thinking of a word that rhymes with it. Some children went out in groups to look at rhyming cards to support them.


Today in class 1 the children have been looking at halving and grouping stones, the children had 10 or more stones and they had to put them into two equal groups. The children then tried to use words such as equal, the same, halving in their explanation.


Today in phonics the children have learnt a new sound “oa” and have been looking at different words where this sound appears. The children have done different activities in where they looked at this sound, doing work on iPads, sheets and outdoor learning.


Today some of the children from class one helped out replanting some of the plants. Putting them in new pots so they could grow even bigger. The children then filled up the pots and made sure to water them once they had finished.