Today class one have started looking at patterns and what you ha e to do to make them. All of class one said that you have to follow the pattern by repeating the same thing over and over again.

Do you know how to make a pattern?


Today in the afternoon we looked at capacity and when we went into groups we looked at different amounts of capacity that the pot could hold, we filled one pot full, one pot half full and another we left empty. We all made sure we had the right amount before putting them in the correct space.

Do you know what capacity means?

Sports day

Today it was sports day and all the parents/guardians turned up to support their children when they were in their races. All the children throughout the school tried their hardest in all the races and events they were put in. Over all the children and parents had a good day knowing that everyone did a good job.

What was your favourite event?

Sports Day Practice

Today class one and the rest of the school had a practice for their sports day event tomorrow. All the children tried their hardest to run as quickly as they could to become first place, all the children had a great time pushing themselves to be the best they could be.

What race was your favourite when you were at school?


Today class ones little friends the caterpillars became butterflies, at the end of the day class one let the butterflies out into the wild so they could make more caterpillars for next time.

Have you seen a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?


Sports day practice

Today class one all went out and had some practice in their racing to see who was going to race as fast as they could. Everyone was trying their hardest to come first, there was many smiles around class one … Continue reading


Water Play

Today in class one the children have been doing water play expressing their imaginative play skill and making things from the resources they had, one child made a water cake using a tub and foam letters. What could you make?

Kind Words

Today in the afternoon class one made their own little personal posters where they drew a colourful picture of them and their friends. The children then annotated the drawing saying kind words about them.

What kind things could you say about your friends?


Natural Materials

Some of the children in class 1 went out and in their activity they used natural materials to spell out their own names, the children used Sticks, stones, flowers and even mud. They had to think about the letter formation … Continue reading


Today the whole of class one went out and did some athletics, the children are all getting better and better each week at their racing and teamwork. The children are getting really excited to do sports day in a few weeks.

How does teamwork help you out?