Carrot cake

Whilst digging today we found lots of carrots. We made carrot cakes but We don’t think we would like to eat these carrots! Do you know how to make carrot cakes that we can eat?






2 responses to “Carrot cake

  1. Alicia came home and told mommy all about the carrots you have all found and that she needs to get the carrot cake recipe off the internet and bring into school. x Just shows she listens very well. So proud of how far she has come, thank you Wombridge xx

    • wombridgeprimaryclass1

      Thank you for your positive comment, the children love to know that parents are looking at their learning on the blog. Alicia told us all about the research you did together and has been busy this morning baking the cakes, making a party hat and planting some more carrot seeds.

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