Fun Learning At The Farm…

It was really enjoyable learning at the farm today. This was our first trip and some of us were very nervous. We discovered what a barn was…how to splash in muddy puddles…how to climb on logs and jump off safely…We also had our first picnic outdoors in the sunshine. Farmer Derek joined us for our learning and answered questions we had about his farm and the cows. There was so much to see and explore we were so excited. We can’t wait to visit again.

What do you enjoy seeing when you go to a working farm?

4 responses to “Fun Learning At The Farm…

  1. Thomas had a great time at the farm..

  2. I had a great time at the farm.

    love Jessica

  3. Our son viaan saraf had a great time at the farm , was so excited on his return, enjoyed his farm experience ..

    All kids had a great time there..

  4. Viaan had great time at farm, enjoyed his farm visit and was so excited on his return..

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