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Ordering Numbers Using Mighty Writer!

Today, in class 1, we have been very busy ordering numbers using Mighty Writer. We have been making sure to start at 1 and count as far as we can. What number can you count up to?


Writing Labels For Our New Classroom And Outdoor Area.

Today, we have been busy writing labels for our new classroom and outdoor area. We have been using our new learning about graphemes to help us write words. How many graphemes can you write?



Today, we have been learning about sorting.We sorted socks into pairs, sorted puzzle pieces and then matched them and sorting beads into colours. We had a great time and tried very hard to use ‘sorting’ words. What have you sorted … Continue reading


How We Are The Same And Different.

Today, we have been looking at how we are all the same but are different. We spoke about some features that we have the same such as eyes, ears and mouth. Then we talked about how these can also be … Continue reading

Learning To Use An IPad.

We really enjoy using iPads. Today, some of us learned how to make marks on an iPad, using our finger. We also tried changing the colour of the pen as we drew and scribed. It was very tricky but we persevered.

What have you learned to do on an iPad this week?

P.E. With Our Sports Coaches.

Today, we went outdoors and had P.E. with our sports coaches. We played some team games and practised running, throwing and catching and balancing. It was great fun and we worked very hard to complete our learning.

What physical exercise have you done this week?


To help us settle into our new environment we are learning to use equipment carefully. Today, we learned how to use Mobilo. We explored how it can fit together and how we can use it to make models.

What can you make with Mobilo?


Writing Our Name.

Our names are very important and today we have been learning to write our name. We can then write it on all our super pieces of work so they do not get lost! We have been writing our name indoors … Continue reading


This week, as we settle into our new routine, we are using new equipment to learn to match. We are matching colours and talking about our learning. We have to use the matching skill in every day life such as matching 2 socks to make a pair.

Can you think of any other time you have to match in real life?



Our raspberries have grown. We picked them and made raspberry milkshake. What flavoured milkshake would you make?