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Well done Jaimee and Alicia, the first two children in class 1 to receive Mathletics certificates!! Who will be next?


Today we have all enjoyed dressing up to raise money for Children in Need. Look how fantastic we look!

Today we have all enjoyed dressing up to raise money for Children in Need. Look how fantastic we look!

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Good sounding out

We have been learning to use good sounding out skills this week. Some of us are working on strengthening our pre-writing muscles in the play dough, we’ve all had a go at labelling our poppies and many of us have made a card or written a letter to a soldier to say thank you for their bravery.

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Today we had an assembly for remembrance. Dylan and Lyra carried our wreath to the front and we all thought about those who have and still serve our country. All the teachers were very proud of Class 1. We were sensible and respectful throughout the assembly. Please talk to your children about the experience, they have taken a lot in. Write what they have to say here and we’ll read it out in our next department assembly on a Friday. Well done children, I am so proud of you.

Miss Lomas

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John Streets

Today we have learned even more about John Streets. We found out that he used to get inspiration for his poems when in the trenches. We also found out that he was very kind and generous. We think these are good values for an English Hero.

This is our writing bunker. We pretended to be soldiers and wrote letters home to our families. We used really good sounding out as this is what we have been learning in literacy.


We are each making our own poppy this week. Here are green group’s. They all wrote ‘thank you’ with their poppy using the ‘th’ sound learned today

Keeping warm

We are very lucky to have two real army sleeping bags and a real army net. These have been used by real soldiers to help keep them warm and safe. We talked about what it might be like inside a bunker and how the soldiers might be feeling. Look back at the blog tomorrow to see our writing bunker.

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Many thanks to those parents who have already been on the blog and left such positive comments. Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show straight away, it has to be approved first and then it will show up. The children really do love it when people comment on their learning which then encourages them to try even harder! Many thanks for your continued support.
Miss Lomas


As part of our ongoing work on British Heroes and British values the teachers have once again been championing their own Heroes. As we remember those who served our country, we learn about the values that kept them going. On our website you will find pictures, videos and names. Can you match the photo to the name and video of our English heroes? Which class will gather the most post blogs?


Our Rockets.

We have been making firework rockets. Have a look at what we have been doing. Have you brought in any cardboard rolls for our firework display?

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Blog Homework

Well done James, it looks like you had a wonderful time visiting the monument.
Don’t forget to bring in your pictures and I will put it on the homework board at school.