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Telling stories….

Today we have been retelling the story of the Awomgalema Tree. We have used our amazing story maps to help us tell the story. It has been a challenge to remember all the animals in the story but with lots of practice we can tell the story really well. Can you retell a story you enjoy?


Creating stories….

Today during independent learning we have been making stories about flowers, ourselves and cars. We have been inspired to make these stories by our story this week about the Awongalema Tree. What topic would you choose to make a story … Continue reading

Days of the week…

Today we have been finding out which day each of the animals visited the Awomgalema Tree. Then, we had to sequence the days of the week starting from Monday. Do you know what day it is tomorrow?

Writing sentences….

Today we have been using our adjectives to write super sentences about different fruits from the Awomgalema Tree. These fruits included pineapples, watermelons and coconuts. What sentence would write about these fruits?

Using our imagination….

We have been doing lots of construction this week using different construction materials including Mobilo. What have you constructed this week?

Making Patterns…

We have shown we can use our Maths learning in everything we do at school. We can make patterns with lots of different objects including our pegs. What pattern can you make outdoors today?

Enjoying Sport…

It is great to be playing games with friends, learning new skills and keeping fit. What games have you played today?

What’s Happening?

We have a marquee going up in our log area. This will be ready for our friends who are joining us on Monday. Mr Satoor has organised another marquee because so many people are coming back to school. The marquees help to keep us safe and happy when outdoors. Our main playground is full of large marquees already and now we need another! Class 1, like year 1 and 6, are so lucky to have been in school for 3 weeks. On Monday our school will be fully open to everyone who wants to come. It will be great to meet our friends in other classes. Who are you looking forward to seeing?


Father’s Day Cards.

Today, we enjoyed making a Father’s Day card. Sunday is Father’s Day and we talked about how it is important to say thank you to people who look after us. We used different materials to make a picture. Have you … Continue reading

Captain’s Coming!

Traditional games are great fun. Today, we learned to play ‘Captain’s Coming!’. We had to listen carefully to our leader. What are the rules for this traditional game?