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Settling In.

Today we have been learning to use all of the equipment, inside and outside. We are enjoying exploring our new environment and all the different equipment. What is your favourite piece of equipment to use at school?

Dinner Time.

We have been enjoying Chef Mark and Chef Gemma’s delicious, healthy hot dinners this week.

We have tried lots of different food and have been chatting to our friends around the dinner table. We are enjoying tasting new foods and learning why it is important to eat a healthy diet.

What is your favourite hot dinner?


Today we have been counting different things in our new environment. We are learning to say numbers in the right order.

What can you count?



Today we have been looking at and talking about 2D shapes. What 2D shape can you name?


Plant Sale.

We all enjoyed buying plants, choosing a recipe card to try out and sampling some of the dishes that we’ve all been making over this term. What recipe are you going to try and make?


Climbing Frame.

Today we have challenged ourselves on the climbing frame, remembering to keep safe and to bend our knees when we land. What would you do to challenge yourself?



We have 2 more butterflies that have come out of their cocoons. We released them today after they’d dried their wings out in the sunshine.


What Will You Buy From The Plant Sale?

We are growing peas to sell in the plant sale and today we have been making pea soup. What recipe could you make with peas?


Releasing The Butterfly.

Today our butterfly was ready to be released. We took it outside and carefully let it out so it could fly.


Facts About Sheep.

Today we have been discussing all the facts we know about the sheep we saw at Cardingmill Valley. We then wrote all our facts down. What facts do you know about sheep?