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Role Play.

Today we have been remembering what we did on our trip to Weston Park yesterday. We have been role playing going on the bus and being the bus driver, keeping everyone safe and driving carefully and remembering some of the … Continue reading


Visit To Weston Park.

To day we went to Weston Park to learn about toys from the past. We had a very enjoyable day. Our first activity was to dress up as lords, ladies and very privileged children who may have lived at Weston … Continue reading


Feeding The Birds.

We have seen and heard a lovely magpie in our garden along with some other birds so with the weather getting cold again, we’ve been out putting new bird feeders up to make sure they’ve got enough food, and they’re … Continue reading



We have been using our coding skills today to programme Beebot. We carefully programmed in the directions to send him through the grid to get to the spider plant. Which way would you send Beebot?


Winter Red Coleslaw.

Today we have made coleslaw, to try new flavours. We added in beetroot and raisins to make it very healthy and add in even more taste. What would you add in to make it different?

Keeping Healthy.

To encourage everyone to try some of the tasty new foods on the menu, Class 7 have been making coleslaw and brought it for us to try out.

They added a different ingredient to their coleslaw, do you know what it was?



To continue our learning on subtracting, we counted out 15 stones and took the amount away that was on the dice, before we counted again to see how many were left.


Pancake Day.

Today we made pancakes. We tried different toppings to work out our favourite, then made a tally chart to work out which was the overall favourite pancake topping in class 1. What is your favourite topping?


Temporal Connectives.

To continue our learning on temporal connectives, today we searched for pictures to help us to retell the Beginning, Middle and End of the story. What temporal connectives can you use to retell the Beginning, Middle and End of Dogger?


Farming Friday.

Charlotte and Liam have been investigating what has happened to our pumpkin experiment. They’ve discovered that the big seeds and small seeds have all grown the same. What do you think will happen when the pumpkins start to grow?