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Bonfire Night!

Last night we saw lots of fireworks in the sky as people in Oakengates were celebrating bonfire night. After we talked about the fireworks we made our own firework pictures using different materials. What was special about the fireworks you … Continue reading

Enjoying Music…

We all enjoy singing and playing percussion instruments. We are beginning to build a repertoire of songsand enjoy playing percussion instruments to accompany our singing.

What instrument can you play?


Writing our grapheme W ….

We have been busy today practicing how to write ‘w’. Can you think of words beginning with W?

Learning To Use An IPad.

We really enjoy using iPads. Today, some of us learned how to make marks on an iPad, using our finger. We also tried changing the colour of the pen as we drew and scribed. It was very tricky but we persevered.

What have you learned to do on an iPad this week?


To help us settle into our new environment we are learning to use equipment carefully. Today, we learned how to use Mobilo. We explored how it can fit together and how we can use it to make models.

What can you make with Mobilo?


Mud Kitchen.

In challenge time today we have been using our imagination in the mud kitchen. We have made cakes and pies using all the equipment. What could you make?



Well done everyone for making your super stories. We’ve all really enjoyed reading them today.


Easter Cards.

Today we have been busy creating Easter cards. We have been carefully drawing around templates and cutting out our cards to make them. What do you think they might be?


Decorating Eggs.

Today we decorated our hard boiled eggs, ready for our egg rolling races. Who do you think will win?


Climbing Frame.

In P.E we used the climbing frame and challenged ourselves to move around on it in different ways. We climbed, walked, jumped, swung and pulled ourselves along it.