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Easter Cards.

Today we have been busy creating Easter cards. We have been carefully drawing around templates and cutting out our cards to make them. What do you think they might be?


Decorating Eggs.

Today we decorated our hard boiled eggs, ready for our egg rolling races. Who do you think will win?


Climbing Frame.

In P.E we used the climbing frame and challenged ourselves to move around on it in different ways. We climbed, walked, jumped, swung and pulled ourselves along it.


Decorating Cakes.

Today we used our creativity and decorated cakes to give to someone special to celebrate Mother’s Day. What would you use to decorate a cake?



As part of our literacy learning today, we have been making sentences about our up coming farm visit. We have been using different ‘farm’ words, saying our sentence and making lots of sentences. What would you like to see at … Continue reading


The Mud Kitchen.

We have been using our imaginations in the mud kitchen today. We made castles for the worms to live in and mud pies to eat. What could you make?


Role Play.

Today we have been remembering what we did on our trip to Weston Park yesterday. We have been role playing going on the bus and being the bus driver, keeping everyone safe and driving carefully and remembering some of the … Continue reading


Visit To Weston Park.

To day we went to Weston Park to learn about toys from the past. We had a very enjoyable day. Our first activity was to dress up as lords, ladies and very privileged children who may have lived at Weston … Continue reading


Retelling The Story Of Dogger.

As part of our literacy learning, we have been retelling the story of Dogger. To help us to do this we created our own Doggers out of clay. We looked at his features very carefully, remembering that his one ear … Continue reading

Washing Our Hands.

Today, as part of our cooking award, we have been learning how to wash our hands carefully. Can you tell a friend the song we learned to sing when we wash our hands?