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Our Farm Visit.

We read a story ‘Where’s my Teddy?’ while at the farm today. Then we made teddy bear biscuits. Can you retell the story?



As part of our literacy learning today, we have been making sentences about our up coming farm visit. We have been using different ‘farm’ words, saying our sentence and making lots of sentences. What would you like to see at … Continue reading


Farming Friday.

As part of our Farming Friday learning today we repotted our lettuce into bigger pots as it’s growing really well and watered them carefully to make sure they keep growing strong.


Farming Friday.

Charlotte and Liam have been investigating what has happened to our pumpkin experiment. They’ve discovered that the big seeds and small seeds have all grown the same. What do you think will happen when the pumpkins start to grow?

Washing Our Hands.

Today, as part of our cooking award, we have been learning how to wash our hands carefully. Can you tell a friend the song we learned to sing when we wash our hands?

Pumpkin Seeds.

We are observing our pumpkin seeds and watching them slowly grow. This is part of our experiment to find out if big pumpkin seeds grow big pumpkins. As the seedlings grow we are talking about what we can see. Can you name parts of a seedling.

Growing Micro Greens.

As part of our learning about healthy lunches we are planting micro- greens. When they have grown we can add them to the salads made by the chefs for our school dinners. How many micro greens can you name?

Farming Friday.

Today we have been planting broad beans in seed trays then went into the green house to repot our garlic because it’s growing too big for the pots they are in.

We have also been making fruit salad, using instructions from our maths pictogram, to tell us how many pieces of fruit we need.

What fruit would you put in a fruit salad?


Farming Friday

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Today we went to Morrells Wood Farm. We went on a walk through the fields where we saw some cows. Farmer Derek talked about the cows and explained why they had yellow tags in their ear. We then went for … Continue reading

Baking Cheese and Herb Scones…

Today we baked cheese and herb scones. We used flour, baking powder, olive oil, coriander, and cheese. They were delicious.

What are your favourite scones?