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Ball Play….

Today we have been experimenting with the balls in our outdoor area. We have been able to roll them, bounce them, throw them and catch them. What outdoor equipment do you like learning with?

Sport Outdoors….

Today we have been enjoying more sport outdoors, we have been learning new social distancing games to keep up safe and happy. What game have you enjoyed playing outdoors today?

Fun on the sun….

Today during PE the sun came out and we were able to play our favourite game, shadow tag. When the sun comes out we are able to see our shadows on the ground and we have to try and catch each other’s shadows. What is your favourite game to play in the sun?

Enjoying Sport…

It is great to be playing games with friends, learning new skills and keeping fit. What games have you played today?

Captain’s Coming!

Traditional games are great fun. Today, we learned to play ‘Captain’s Coming!’. We had to listen carefully to our leader. What are the rules for this traditional game?

Great Games!

Each week we are learning to play new social distancing games. Today, we had great fun learning a game where we have to stand in our own space and kick a ball, in a controlled way, to our friends. They then have to kick the ball back. It was important we learn to kick the ball carefully, so it travels to our partner! How well can you kick a ball?

Learning New Games.

We know we need to keep fit so we are learning lots of new games whilst trying to socially distance. What games have you played with your friends this week?

Learning New Games.

We are learning lots of new games which we can play whilst socially distancing. it is very hard to socially distance but we are learning all the time. Today, we learned to skip with an ankle hoop. It was very tricky and we had to concentrate. It certainly made our hearts pump as we exercised. Can you use an ankle hoop to skip?


Learning New Signs Which Help To Keep Us Safe And Happy.

As we settled into school today, we looked and talked about signs which are around our learning area. They help to keep us safe and happy. What signs have you seen in school this, week.

Trying To Stay Safe And Exercise.

Today, we practised some socially distancing games which will help us try to keep safe and happy at school. What games can you suggest which we can play whilst keeping 2m from our friends?