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Holi Biscuits…

As part of our learning about Holi we baked Holi cookies. They were bright and colourful as Holi is the festival of colours and celebrating the triumph of good over evil. What colour biscuits would you bake for a Holi … Continue reading

Making Sandwiches…

As we are growing cress we decided to make sandwiches using cress. We practised holding a knife to spread butter on our bread then chose to add ham or egg with our cress. We also talked about how our sandwiches were healthy for us. What healthy sandwiches can you suggest we make using the cress we grow?

Throwing and catching .

Today, during PE we have have been practicing catching and throwing using a bean bag. We learned to use big eyes, big hands and to pull the beanbag to our tummy as we catch it. First we worked alone and then we practised a game where we threw the beanbag to a friend to catch.

How high can you throw a beanbag and then catch it?

Sponsored Skip.

Over the past half term we have been learning to skip so we can take part in a sponsored skip to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. We all enjoy helping others less fortunate than ourselves and this will be the third charity we have supported this academic year. Today we skipped for 10 minutes. It was very hard but we were determined to complete this challenge.

How much money have you raised for the British Heart Foundation this year?

Fruit Salad

Today we made a fresh fruit salad with mint. It was delicious. We chopped different fruits up and added freshly chopped mint. As we cut up the fruits we talked about how they were the same but different. We also talked about why fruit is good for us. The fruit salad was delicious. The mint was scrumptious!

Which fruits would you add to a fresh fruit salad?


Safe And Happy Using The Internet

We are enjoying using the internet to go on the school blog and Mathletics. This week we have been talking about how to stay safe and happy when we use the internet. This is very important. We watched a video, … Continue reading

Lemon And Thyme Cake Recipe

Thank you to all our parents who have asked for last week’s recipe to bake a lemon and thyme cake.

Can you bake this recipe at home?


Baking A Herb Cake!

As we are learning about herbs, we baked a lemon and thyme cake. We mixed butter, sugar, eggs and flour with lemon zest and finely chopped thyme. It was good fun working together and helping each other bake. When the … Continue reading


Skipping For Our Health.

As our sponsored Skip is next week we are continuing to,practise our skipping skills. We have made a lot of progress since we began practising at the start of this term. As well as enjoying our skipping, we are learning … Continue reading

Jumping High To Get Our Heart Beating Fast.

In 3 weeks time we are taking part in a whole school sponsored skip to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. This charity supports people who have poorly hearts. We are thankful that all of our class are strong, fit and healthy. Skipping is good to keep us strong, healthy and fit.

How are your skipping practices going in preparation for the sponsored skip?