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Climbing Frame.

In P.E we used the climbing frame and challenged ourselves to move around on it in different ways. We climbed, walked, jumped, swung and pulled ourselves along it.


Winter Red Coleslaw.

Today we have made coleslaw, to try new flavours. We added in beetroot and raisins to make it very healthy and add in even more taste. What would you add in to make it different?


Pancake Day.

Today we made pancakes. We tried different toppings to work out our favourite, then made a tally chart to work out which was the overall favourite pancake topping in class 1. What is your favourite topping?


Climbing Frame.

Practicing our exercise and challenge pillars we went onto the climbing frame for the first time. As we moved around the climbing frame we thought about our science lessons and how we had to push and pull ourselves up and … Continue reading

Sponsored Skip.

Over the past half term we have been learning to skip so we can take part in a sponsored skip. We want to raise money for the British Heart Foundation who support children and adults with heart conditions. We have learned how lucky we are to be healthy. We have also learned how skipping can keep us healthy. How much money have you raised for this charity?

Washing Our Hands.

Today, as part of our cooking award, we have been learning how to wash our hands carefully. Can you tell a friend the song we learned to sing when we wash our hands?

Growing Micro Greens.

As part of our learning about healthy lunches we are planting micro- greens. When they have grown we can add them to the salads made by the chefs for our school dinners. How many micro greens can you name?

Sports Festival.

Today we joined with KS1 and took part in a sports festival. We completed lots of relay races which encouraged us to think about balance, agility and coordination. Which was your favourite race today?

Library Visits.

Class 1 really enjoy their library visits.

This term we have been sharing stories about Paddington from our class author, Michael Bond.

What are your favourite stories?

Farming Friday.

Today we made ‘Hidden Vegetable Pizza’.

We chopped up lots of our favourite vegetables and put them into the sauce and liquidised it so no body knows they’re in there.

Which vegetables would you put into your sauce?