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Look at all our wonderful projects of toys.

Mathletics Achievements.

A huge ‘Well Done’ to Zoe, Imogen, and Jakub who have all worked very hard this week to earn Mathletics certificates.

Can you get one ready for next week?


We have been working hard on our Mathletics this week! We have been making sure that we are practising our maths skills at home and earning ourselves a certificate! Well done to everyone that achieved one!

What type of certificate will you achieve this week?



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We learned from Kipper’s mistake and used a recipe to make our carrot cake. Thank you to those parents who looked for a recipe for us, your children really enjoyed sharing what they had found with the class. We made … Continue reading


Carrot cake

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Whilst digging today we found lots of carrots. We made carrot cakes but We don’t think we would like to eat these carrots! Do you know how to make carrot cakes that we can eat?

Weekend challenge

Now that your favourite teddy has it’s very own label, why don’t you take it out somewhere this weekend? You could record what you and your teddy got up to by taking a photo or drawing a picture and writing about it. We will put them up at school so everyone can see!


A Toy Rocket.

James made a rocket. This is how James created his rocket.
” I used a bottle and covered it in foil. Then I got toilet rolls and put them all on the bottle. I drew some fire coming out of the bottom.”



Bradley has made a train for our topic ‘TOYS’ this term.
This is how Bradley made his toy.
“I got a baby milk box and put paper and paint all over it. Then I put green glitter on everywhere. Then I got some glue and put some stickers on it.
Take a look.


Our Creations.

Alicia has made a car over the holiday. This is how she made it.
” I made it with boxes and I painted it red. Then I put the stickers on and all the pictures I liked.”


We’re back!

The children have worked really hard over the Christmas period on their toy projects. Over the week we will feature some of the individual projects and the children will share how they made their toy…watch this space!
Here are just some of the projects. What did you make?