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Continuing our learning on coding, we programmed Beebot’s making sure our instructions were clear and in order. We planned our directions first before programming them in to see if they worked.



We have been using our coding skills today to programme Beebot. We carefully programmed in the directions to send him through the grid to get to the spider plant. Which way would you send Beebot?

Green Screen Recording.

Today we practiced sequencing the story of Kippers Toy Box.

We recorded ourselves onto green screens so we can put pictures of the story behind us showing what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story.

What happened at the beginning of the story?

3D Shapes.

Today we have been learning about 3D shapes.

We used different materials to make 3D shapes and remembered to use 3D shape names when we were talking about them.

We used iPads to record all the words we were using to describe our shapes.


Today we have been writing labels.

We used the MacBooks to write a label for the toy we chose. We used alphabet strips to help us and segmented and blended the word carefully.

We then printed out our labels to put in our toy shop.


Well done to Isabella, Zoe, Imogen, Olivia, and Taya who have been challenging themselves with Mathletics and have achieved lots of certificates.

How many can you get?

3D Shapes.

Today we explored how to make a model of our favourite toys using the 3D shapes.

We then used iPads to record us speaking about what shapes we were using, remembering to use all of the new 3D shape words that we have learnt.

What 3D shape words have you learnt?


Today we programmed the Bee-bots to travel over the grid, following the directions we had given it.

Green Screen Filming.

Today we did some green screen filming of the Christmas Story.

What parts of the story do you remember?

Talking About ‘Me’.

Today we used our iPads to video ourselves describing our face. We have been learning to use new vocabulary and have learned words like ‘eye brow’, ‘eye lash’ and ‘cheek’. We will use our new learning next week when we write a poem about ‘Me’!