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MiniBeasts Hunt….

Today, during outdoor learning, we found a red ladybird. The ladybird had 6 spots on and they were black. We watched the ladybird carefully and made sure it went back to its home. What MiniBeasts have you found today?


Can you see Goldilocks in there?

Today we looking in the trees to see if we could spot Goldilocks. We described the trees using our amazing adjectives, we described there colour and height, we found out that the trees were taller than our school! What can … Continue reading

Making a Map….

Today we have been looking at different types of maps of our local area, we even found our school on the map. We then drew a map of the journey that Goldilocks took to get to the Three Bears house. Can you locate yourself on a map?

Building Houses….

Today we were challenged to build houses just like the one from Goldilocks and the Three Bears using different equipment. Some children chose to build their house using the plastic bricks. What equipment could you build a house out of?

Fun on the sun….

Today during PE the sun came out and we were able to play our favourite game, shadow tag. When the sun comes out we are able to see our shadows on the ground and we have to try and catch each other’s shadows. What is your favourite game to play in the sun?


Making tools….

Today during our independent learning we have been constructing different types of tools to help us build or knock down houses. We have made hammer and chisels to help is with this hard work. What have you constructed today?

Days of the week…

Today we have been finding out which day each of the animals visited the Awomgalema Tree. Then, we had to sequence the days of the week starting from Monday. Do you know what day it is tomorrow?

Drawing fruits…

Today we have been using the iPads to draw different fruit from the Awongalema Tree. We experimented with different drawing tools that we could use including a pen and a pencil. What have you drawn today?

Writing sentences….

Today we have been using our adjectives to write super sentences about different fruits from the Awomgalema Tree. These fruits included pineapples, watermelons and coconuts. What sentence would write about these fruits?


Where Do Plants Grow Best?

To help us learn about where plants like to grow we have set up an experiment. We planted some cress seeds in different pots and put the pots in different places. One pot was placed on the window ledge so … Continue reading