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3D Shapes.

Today we have been learning about 3D shapes.

We used different materials to make 3D shapes and remembered to use 3D shape names when we were talking about them.

We used iPads to record all the words we were using to describe our shapes.

Fruit and Vegetables.

Today we explored lots of different fruits and vegetables.

We cut them open to see if it had seeds or if it had roots, to tell us if it was a fruit or a vegetable.

Then we tasted them to see what we liked best.

Why do we need fruits and vegetables in our diet?

Pumpkin Experiment.

Today we went into the greenhouse to check on the progress of our pumpkin experiment.

We are growing two sets of seeds, one small and one big. We are going to see which seed will grow the biggest pumpkin.

Which seed do you think will make the biggest pumpkin?

Independent Learning.

We used the mighty writer and the dolls house today, to tell the Christmas story.

We remembered to tell it in the right order and to name all of the characters.

Exploring Using Our Senses.

Today we have been exploring different Christmas decorations in the tuff tray.

We used our senses to, smell, touch, look and listen and talked to our friends about them and which ones we liked the best.

What decoration did you like the best?


Today we programmed the Bee-bots to travel over the grid, following the directions we had given it.

Green Screen Filming.

Today we did some green screen filming of the Christmas Story.

What parts of the story do you remember?

The Story Of Christmas.

Today we used paint to help us retell the story of Christmas.

As we painted we talked about what happened in the story and remembered to use clear voices as we spoke.

We tried hard to tell it in the right order and use lots of Christmas words.

Telling The Christmas Story.

Today we used pictures to help us to order and talk about the Story of Christmas.

When we talked we made sure it was in the right order, so the story made sense and that we were using lots of the Christmas Story words.

We all spoke in very clear voices and tried to grip the reader.

Nativity Play.

Today we performed our Christmas Nativity Play to our Mons, Dads and Carers.

We then turned on the Christmas tree lights.