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To continue our learning on weighing, we have been making cakes today and carefully weighing out all of the ingredients. What can you weigh?


Class 2 Poem Performance.

Class 2 came to us today and performed their poem The Sound Collector with lovely clear voices and lots of actions. What is your favourite poem?


The Mud Kitchen.

We have been using our imaginations in the mud kitchen today. We made castles for the worms to live in and mud pies to eat. What could you make?



We have been using our coding skills today to programme Beebot. We carefully programmed in the directions to send him through the grid to get to the spider plant. Which way would you send Beebot?


Winter Red Coleslaw.

Today we have made coleslaw, to try new flavours. We added in beetroot and raisins to make it very healthy and add in even more taste. What would you add in to make it different?


Temporal Connectives.

To continue our learning on temporal connectives, today we searched for pictures to help us to retell the Beginning, Middle and End of the story. What temporal connectives can you use to retell the Beginning, Middle and End of Dogger?


Retelling The Story Of Dogger.

As part of our literacy learning, we have been retelling the story of Dogger. To help us to do this we created our own Doggers out of clay. We looked at his features very carefully, remembering that his one ear … Continue reading

Library Visits.

Class 1 really enjoy their library visits.

This term we have been sharing stories about Paddington from our class author, Michael Bond.

What are your favourite stories?

Rhyming Words.

Today we are learning about Rhyming Words.

We have learnt to only change the first letter so that the words will rhyme.

We can now rhyme two words together and make a rhyming string.

Can you make a rhyming string, using the objects in the pictures?

Farming Friday.

Today we made ‘Hidden Vegetable Pizza’.

We chopped up lots of our favourite vegetables and put them into the sauce and liquidised it so no body knows they’re in there.

Which vegetables would you put into your sauce?