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Days of the week…

Today we have been finding out which day each of the animals visited the Awomgalema Tree. Then, we had to sequence the days of the week starting from Monday. Do you know what day it is tomorrow?

Making Patterns…

We have shown we can use our Maths learning in everything we do at school. We can make patterns with lots of different objects including our pegs. What pattern can you make outdoors today?

Learning To Add.

We are growing very confident adding and using special ‘adding’ words like ‘equals’, ‘altogether’ and ‘plus’. Today, we practised adding 2 numbers and writing our total. What is a ‘total’?


We are learning to weave using natural materials. We have been making our fingers get lots of exercise as we weave natural materials under and over the weaving grid. It is great fun but hard work. What have you woven?

3D Shapes.

Today, we practised talking about 3D shapes then used different equipment to make some 3D shapes. This is a cube. Write 3 facts about a cube.

Beginning To Settle Back Into School.

Class 1 are enjoying settling back into school. School is very different now but there are some things we can enjoy doing although we have to try to remember to stay 2 metres from our friends. What have you enjoyed doing at school today?


Learning New Signs Which Help To Keep Us Safe And Happy.

As we settled into school today, we looked and talked about signs which are around our learning area. They help to keep us safe and happy. What signs have you seen in school this, week.


Holi Biscuits…

As part of our learning about Holi we baked Holi cookies. They were bright and colourful as Holi is the festival of colours and celebrating the triumph of good over evil. What colour biscuits would you bake for a Holi … Continue reading


Where Do Plants Grow Best?

To help us learn about where plants like to grow we have set up an experiment. We planted some cress seeds in different pots and put the pots in different places. One pot was placed on the window ledge so … Continue reading


This week we are learning about addition. Our learning has not only focused upon adding but also using addition words. We played a game outdoors to help us with our addition. What is the sign we can use to show we are adding?