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Target Practice….

Today during our PE time we were practicing our underarm throws to try and get our ball into a target. At first we found it a bit difficult but we persevered and kept practicing and soon we were able to … Continue reading

What’s Happening?

We have a marquee going up in our log area. This will be ready for our friends who are joining us on Monday. Mr Satoor has organised another marquee because so many people are coming back to school. The marquees help to keep us safe and happy when outdoors. Our main playground is full of large marquees already and now we need another! Class 1, like year 1 and 6, are so lucky to have been in school for 3 weeks. On Monday our school will be fully open to everyone who wants to come. It will be great to meet our friends in other classes. Who are you looking forward to seeing?


Father’s Day Cards.

Today, we enjoyed making a Father’s Day card. Sunday is Father’s Day and we talked about how it is important to say thank you to people who look after us. We used different materials to make a picture. Have you … Continue reading

Learning To Add.

We are growing very confident adding and using special ‘adding’ words like ‘equals’, ‘altogether’ and ‘plus’. Today, we practised adding 2 numbers and writing our total. What is a ‘total’?

Great Games!

Each week we are learning to play new social distancing games. Today, we had great fun learning a game where we have to stand in our own space and kick a ball, in a controlled way, to our friends. They then have to kick the ball back. It was important we learn to kick the ball carefully, so it travels to our partner! How well can you kick a ball?

3D Shapes.

Today, we practised talking about 3D shapes then used different equipment to make some 3D shapes. This is a cube. Write 3 facts about a cube.

Learning New Games.

We know we need to keep fit so we are learning lots of new games whilst trying to socially distance. What games have you played with your friends this week?

Learning New Games.

We are learning lots of new games which we can play whilst socially distancing. it is very hard to socially distance but we are learning all the time. Today, we learned to skip with an ankle hoop. It was very tricky and we had to concentrate. It certainly made our hearts pump as we exercised. Can you use an ankle hoop to skip?

Beginning To Settle Back Into School.

Class 1 are enjoying settling back into school. School is very different now but there are some things we can enjoy doing although we have to try to remember to stay 2 metres from our friends. What have you enjoyed doing at school today?

Trying To Stay Safe And Exercise.

Today, we practised some socially distancing games which will help us try to keep safe and happy at school. What games can you suggest which we can play whilst keeping 2m from our friends?