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Aspiring To Do A Job

Today we continued talking about a job we would like to aspire to when we have left school. What job do you want to do?

What qualifications do you need?


Writing our grapheme W ….

We have been busy today practicing how to write ‘w’. Can you think of words beginning with W?

P.E. With Our Sports Coaches.

Today, we went outdoors and had P.E. with our sports coaches. We played some team games and practised running, throwing and catching and balancing. It was great fun and we worked very hard to complete our learning.

What physical exercise have you done this week?


Data Logger.

We made porridge and used the data logger to see which one cooled down the quickest. We put the porridge in the fridge, freezer, outside, and in the classroom and then looked at the data to work out which one … Continue reading



We have been making flapjacks today using the Three Bears porridge oats.


Planting Potatoes.

Today was Farming Friday and we planted potatoes for our outdoor area. We will harvest the potatoes near Christmas. Have you planted any winter vegetables yet?




Class 1 are learning to match. This week we have learned to match. We matched bears and talked about their size and colour. Can you think of times when you have to use your matching skills?



We are learning to write our name. We have practised scribing each grapheme and have begun to learn to use our new name cards. We have written our name using chalks, paint and water, coloured pens, pencils and crayons. We have also used gloop! Can you write your name yet?


Learning To use Mobilo.

This week we are learning to use equipment in our new class. Today we used mobilo, fixing pieces together and making our own models. Then we explored using work cards where we matched pieces and made a model. It was great fun and we were very proud of our models. Can you think of other equipment we could learn to use to make models?

Imaginative Play.

It has been great to meet our new friends again today. We are learning to use our imagination and invent our own stories as we play. We are also enjoying using different equipment to help develop our stories and ideas. What team work activity have you done today?