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Learning To Add.

We are growing very confident adding and using special ‘adding’ words like ‘equals’, ‘altogether’ and ‘plus’. Today, we practised adding 2 numbers and writing our total. What is a ‘total’?


This week we are learning about addition. Our learning has not only focused upon adding but also using addition words. We played a game outdoors to help us with our addition. What is the sign we can use to show we are adding?


Today the children in class one have been learning how to double a given number. The children have been set tasks where they would require a number and double it using stones or mud pies The children said “doubling is like adding the same number twice”.

Learning To Add.

This week we are learning to add using rosemary leaves. We have to carefully count the correct number of leaves into each bowl and then add 1 more. When we talk about our learning we are using our special ‘add’ words such as ‘plus’, ‘altogether’ and ‘equals’. What happens to the ‘total’ when you add 1 more?


Addition- writing out our calculations

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We have all been writing and recording our sums today. Some of us have done it on the big floor, others have written it on the whiteboards or paper and some have had fun using the chalk and writing it … Continue reading