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Holi Biscuits…

As part of our learning about Holi we baked Holi cookies. They were bright and colourful as Holi is the festival of colours and celebrating the triumph of good over evil. What colour biscuits would you bake for a Holi … Continue reading

Lemon And Thyme Cake Recipe

Thank you to all our parents who have asked for last week’s recipe to bake a lemon and thyme cake.

Can you bake this recipe at home?


Cheese And Herb Scones.

As we are learning about herbs we made cheese and herb scones today. We learned to ‘rub’ butter into flour to make the scones. Then we added coriander – one of our favourite herb. The scones were delicious! As we … Continue reading


Our Farm Visit.

We read a story ‘Where’s my Teddy?’ while at the farm today. Then we made teddy bear biscuits. Can you retell the story?



To continue our learning on weighing, we have been making cakes today and carefully weighing out all of the ingredients. What can you weigh?

Yoghurt Cake…

We are learning about what products Jack’s mum could have made from Milky the cow’s milk. We had to measure the ingredients using a yoghurt tub. Today we looked at yoghurt. We tasted the yoghurt and made a yoghurt cake. Which is your favourite yoghurt?

Following Instructions

Today we made made by following instructions. We had to look at the list of ingredients, weigh each of them out and add them in the correct order. They smell and taste delicious!

What did we need to make the bread?