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Planting Bulbs For Gifts…

We enjoy trying to make people happy. As Christmas is coming, we are planting bulbs to give to our parents as a gift for Christmas.

We feel it is important to give gifts as this makes others feel good as well as making us happy.

What have you planned to give this Christmas?

Planting Bulbs.

Every Friday is Farming Friday in Class 1. We think about planting, growing and cooking and how this can help us develop our brain health. Today we planted bulbs ready to give our parents at Christmas. We looked at the shape of the bulb, talked about which way it should be planted and what it needed for healthy growth. Have you planted any bulbs this autumn?



We talked about making our friends feel safe and happy. We learned to use the word ‘positive’ and how being ‘positive’ can make others around us feel happy. We thought that we could make our parent happy by giving them a gift so we planted a bulb for them. Over the next few weeks we will water the bulbs and when they are growing we can give them to our parent as a Christmas gift. Which bulbs would you plant for your parent?