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We have been sorting our containers into sets of full, half full and empty. We have been very careful not to spill any. can you estimate how many tubs of water are needed to fill different pots?



For our Maths lesson today we are learning all about capacity, looking at empty and full containers and how many we can fill. How many containers do you think you could fill from one jug of water?


Today in the afternoon we looked at capacity and when we went into groups we looked at different amounts of capacity that the pot could hold, we filled one pot full, one pot half full and another we left empty. We all made sure we had the right amount before putting them in the correct space.

Do you know what capacity means?

Learning with Water

Today, we have been continuing our learning using water. We have been using different tools to help us to put water into containers. We have been saying if our containers were full, half full, empty and even talking about the water overflowing. 

Can you remember what some of the tools were that you used? Funnels, scoops or pipettes?

Full or half-full Cupcakes?

Today, we have continued with our learning of capacity. We mixed together the ingredients to make cupcakes. When we added the mixture to the cases, we spoke about wether they were full, half full or empty.

Were your cases full, half full or empty?


We have been busy filling and emptying all sorts of containers today. We have used words like ‘full’, ’empty’ and ‘half full’ and we can’t wait to find out whether the biggest containers always hold the most.