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Throwing And Catching

We have been practising our throwing and catching in P.E and are really good at it now. We have challenged ourselves and adding a bounce before we catch it.


Challenge Time.

To continue our maths learning we challenged ourselves this afternoon and designed an activity to measure objects. We built a tower and carefully measured it using the meter sticks, adding more objects until it was the same height as the … Continue reading


Climbing Frame.

Practicing our exercise and challenge pillars we went onto the climbing frame for the first time. As we moved around the climbing frame we thought about our science lessons and how we had to push and pull ourselves up and … Continue reading


Well done to Isabella, Zoe, Imogen, Olivia, and Taya who have been challenging themselves with Mathletics and have achieved lots of certificates.

How many can you get?

Learning To Use Jigsaws.

As we are settling into our new environment we are continuing to learn how to use different equipment. This week we have learned how to do jigsaws with our friends help. This has been fun and challenging. We learned to look for straight edges and put these on the edge of our puzzle, we looked at using sorting skills to sort pieces of a particular shape and finally we used our matching skills to match the pictures. How many jigsaw puzzles have you done this week?