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Climbing Frame.

In P.E we used the climbing frame and challenged ourselves to move around on it in different ways. We climbed, walked, jumped, swung and pulled ourselves along it.

Learning On The Logs.

This afternoon we explored our log area. We began to learn how to climb, crawl, balance and walk on the logs. It was great fun but very hard. Lots of us were very nervous but had a go at this new challenge. What new challenges have new taken part in today?

Climbing Frame

This afternoon, we all had fun exploring the climbing frame outside. We worked together to help our friends to reach the top, just like Jack had to do to reach the top of the Beanstalk!

Were you able to reach the top?

Trip To Morrells Wood Farm.

We looked for signs of spring around farmer Derek’s farm. We found blossom, buds and leaves on the hedge rows and trees as we explored the fields and around the stream.

Then we stopped for lunch and had a picnic on the logs.

Can you find signs of spring?

Learning to climb and balance.


We are learning to climb and balance using the logs in our outdoor area. It is very tricky but we are getting more confident. We are learning to walk across a log then jump off at the end. We have to remember to use soft knees as we land. Can you balance carefully on the logs?