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We are learning to write our name. We have practised scribing each grapheme and have begun to learn to use our new name cards. We have written our name using chalks, paint and water, coloured pens, pencils and crayons. We have also used gloop! Can you write your name yet?


Learning To Use Hoops.

We had great fun today learning to use the hoops. We had to ‘wiggle’ our hips side to side and try to keep the hoop rotating. Can you hola hoop?


Today we have all been working very hard helping to tidy up our outdoor area. We have been very independent and using the broom and the dustpan and brush to sweep up around the playground and along the ramp, we really enjoyed it! We have also been helping to move the leaves that have started to grow across into our ramp. We even came across something in our garden that smelt lovely, Lavender!

What else could you smell or see in the garden?

Learning with Water

Today, we have been continuing our learning using water. We have been using different tools to help us to put water into containers. We have been saying if our containers were full, half full, empty and even talking about the water overflowing. 

Can you remember what some of the tools were that you used? Funnels, scoops or pipettes?