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Learning how to repeat a pattern …

Today we have been learning about how to repeat a pattern. We used Leaves to make out pattern. What object would you us to make a pattern?


This week, as we settle into our new routine, we are using new equipment to learn to match. We are matching colours and talking about our learning. We have to use the matching skill in every day life such as matching 2 socks to make a pair.

Can you think of any other time you have to match in real life?

Colours And Counting.

During challenge time some of us chose to use the peg boards and make different patterns, shapes and even pictures. We then counted pegs of different colours. How many red pegs can you see? What is the total number of pegs you could fit onto this pegboard? How do you know?




We are learning to play with new equipment at school. This is clixi. It helps us to learn about shapes, colours and counting. We used it to build models as well. It is very tricky to fit together and makes our fingers work hard. What can you make using clixi?