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Taking about our favourite toys …..

This term we are learning about toys. We have been busy today telling each other about our favourite toy and why this toy is special. This bunny is very special as it is soft and cuddly. This is a transformer … Continue reading

Learning to lay a table for lunch.

We have been busy today learning how to set the table for lunchtime . We talked about which side we place our knife and forks.

What side do we place the fork?

Number lines

Today we learned to use a number line to ‘add 1 more’. We looked at the order of numbers and learned that we had to jump forwards 1 jump when adding 1 more.

Can you add 1 more to a given number?


This week class 1 have been reading Allan Ahlberg’s ‘Funnybones’ story. Today they re-told the story of Funnybones whilst painting.

What happens in the story ‘Funnybones’?


This week, we have throughly enjoyed our independent learning. We have been building lots of structures using different materials and different sized blocks. We have also enjoyed creating lots of pictures as well as Ramping up our Resilience using the physical equipment and bikes.

We would like to wish everyone a very SAFE and HAPPY summer holiday and we are already excited to see you back to school on Monday 4th September and to hear about all of the wonderful things that you have been up to.