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Broad Bean and Pea Hummus

To go towards our cooking award, today we made broad bean and pea hummus. We carefully chopped all the ingredients, then mixed them together. Before spreading onto fresh bread to eat.

Keeping Healthy.

To encourage everyone to try some of the tasty new foods on the menu, Class 7 have been making coleslaw and brought it for us to try out.

They added a different ingredient to their coleslaw, do you know what it was?

Diwali Sweets

Today for Farming Friday we made Diwali sweets. We used sultanas, condensed milk and ground almonds. We then coated them in desiccated coconut.

What would you like to cooking for Farming Friday?


Making Bread

Today class one have been making some bread making sure to follow the instructions carefully so they get the correct outcome. Everybody in their groups made sure to follow the instructions in the correct way in order. Have you had … Continue reading


Food Testing

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Today in class 1 the children went to see Will a visitor who came to share some foods for the children, Will brought some salami and background on foods which the children have been learning about such as “food travel”. … Continue reading

Baking Cheese and Herb Scones…

Today we baked cheese and herb scones. We used flour, baking powder, olive oil, coriander, and cheese. They were delicious.

What are your favourite scones?

Cauliflower Cheese.

Today we made cauliflower cheese. We followed the instructions carefully to keep ourselves safe when using the equipment and worked together as a team to complete the recipe.


Full or half-full Cupcakes?

Today, we have continued with our learning of capacity. We mixed together the ingredients to make cupcakes. When we added the mixture to the cases, we spoke about wether they were full, half full or empty.

Were your cases full, half full or empty?

Making Flapjacks

Yesterday, we made our very own flapjacks! Firstly, we had to measure out each of our ingredients. We then had to mix together the oats, syrup, brown sugar and butter. Once it was all mixed up, we had to work together to push the mixture into the baking tray to cook.

Today we tasted our flapjack, it was very yummy!

Did you enjoy your flapjack?

Making Bread Rolls

Today we have been making bread rolls. We had to work together and follow the instructions to make the dough and then roll them into ball shapes. After they were cooked we spoke about how the dough had changed. They smelt very yummy!

What could you have with your bread?