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Cauliflower Cheese.

Today we made cauliflower cheese. We followed the instructions carefully to keep ourselves safe when using the equipment and worked together as a team to complete the recipe.


Full or half-full Cupcakes?

Today, we have continued with our learning of capacity. We mixed together the ingredients to make cupcakes. When we added the mixture to the cases, we spoke about wether they were full, half full or empty.

Were your cases full, half full or empty?

Making Flapjacks

Yesterday, we made our very own flapjacks! Firstly, we had to measure out each of our ingredients. We then had to mix together the oats, syrup, brown sugar and butter. Once it was all mixed up, we had to work together to push the mixture into the baking tray to cook.

Today we tasted our flapjack, it was very yummy!

Did you enjoy your flapjack?

Making Bread Rolls

Today we have been making bread rolls. We had to work together and follow the instructions to make the dough and then roll them into ball shapes. After they were cooked we spoke about how the dough had changed. They smelt very yummy!

What could you have with your bread?

Magic Bean Soup.

Today we made soup, using broad beans like Jack had in the traditional  story Jack And The Beanstalk’c

We peeled and then carefully chopped up the onions and garlic, using our hands like bridges to keep ourselves safe.

Then we mixed all the ingredients together.

Baking Bread

Today we all made bread.

We followed the instructions carefully and shared all the tasks so everyone had a go at weighing out the ingredients. Then we kneaded the dough so it would prove and double in size. Once it was baked we all tried it and everyone said “it was the best bread ever”.

Cutting Skills.


As part of our cooking award class 1 are learning to cut carefully. We made a fruit salad cutting fruit into small pieces. We had to cut very carefully. Then we eat our delicious fruit salad. How small can you cut prices of fruit?


Garlic bread

Today we made garlic bread. We created a massive ball of dough which had doubled in size after it had risen! We had to share it out between 27 children so we each had one to take home. The garlic … Continue reading


Farming Friday

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What do you think might be on the menu for Farming Friday today?

Farming Friday – egg and cress sandwiches

We have been growing cress so we researched what we could cook using cress. We decided to make egg and cress sandwiches. In literacy this week we have been learning to write and follow instructions so we followed instructions to make the sandwiches. We also learned about animal classifications today. We learned that chickens are a bird and one of the ways we can tell is because they lay eggs! The sandwiches were delicious!