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Today we have been using bricks to measure objects in our outdoor area. We measured how tall, wide and long different objects were. We had to use our Counting skills to carefully count. What do you use to measure with?

Ordering Numbers.

Today we ordered numbers. We looked at what number we were, and made sure we were all in the right order.  We counted carefully and worked as a team.


Today we’ve been learning to count carefully and in order.

We searched for funny bones’ bones and counted how many we had found altogether.

Measuring using our feet.

Today we measured the distance between the logs using our feet. We made sure there were no gaps between our feet and that we counted our steps carefully. Then we recorded the distance, writing our numbers correctly. 

What else can you measure using your feet?

Adding Two Numbers To Make A Total

Today we played the game ‘Springy Spider’.

 We caught two bugs with our spider and then added them together to make a total.