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Learning To Make ‘Funnybones’ biscuits.

Today in class 1e have been very busy making Funnybones biscuits.We talked about all the ingredients needed to use to make our dough. We mixed flour, sugar, butter and egg together with vanilla extract. Then we learned how to rollout … Continue reading


Today we have been counting different things in our new environment. We are learning to say numbers in the right order.

What can you count?



Our learning today is doubling. We doubled Jacks magic beans and then counted them altogether to see how many we had.



To continue our learning on subtracting, we counted out 15 stones and took the amount away that was on the dice, before we counted again to see how many were left.


Board Games.

As part of our learning about addition we have played board games with our friends. Which is your favourite board game?


Today we have been learning about coins.

We have been counting carefully and matching the number of coins to match the price . We have been looking carefully to check whether it’s a 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p or 50p that we need.


Today we were learning to take away.

Theo and Daisy got together to independently use there new learning.

They made a tower of bricks and counted them carefully before taking 1 away, they then counted again to know how many were left, before starting again.

Well done.


Today we played skittles.

We counted how many skittles we had left once we had bowled, then recorded our scores on a chart.

How many skittles can you knock down on your first attempt?



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Today everybody in class one has been learning how to do “one more” and “one less” the children did different activities both involving the same concept of one more and one less. Do you know one ore, one less?

Least and Most

Today in class 1 some of the children looked at the data we collected last week and made their own estimate on which they thought would be the most and least. The children then counted all the flowers and found out the correct answers, also correcting their own answer if they were incorrect.