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Today we’ve been learning to count carefully and in order.

We searched for funny bones’ bones and counted how many we had found altogether.

Sharing Mud Pies

Today, we have been working together in the mud kitchen to make mud pies. We shared them between two groups and halved them. After halving them, we counted how many mud pies were in each set to check that we had shared them equally.

How many mud pies did you make?



Adding Numbers 

Today we have been learning how to add numbers using the large number line outside. Some of us worked together to do our calculations. We were able to find the total by adding 1 onto our number and sometimes even adding up to 8 more! 

Does the number get bigger or smaller when we add numbers together?

Weston Park Visit.

At the end of the day all of the children got to play with Victorian outside toys. 

Which toy did you play ​with?



Colours And Counting.

During challenge time some of us chose to use the peg boards and make different patterns, shapes and even pictures. We then counted pegs of different colours. How many red pegs can you see? What is the total number of pegs you could fit onto this pegboard? How do you know?


We enjoy maths games. This week we learned to play dominoes as this helps us learn to count and match. We also had to practise taking turns. It was good fun. Can you think of other maths games we can learn to play?

Maths In Our Mud Kitchen.

We went to the mud kitchen to help us learn to count. We made cups of turnip soup and counted them. We learned to point to cups of soup as we said a number. How many cups of soup can you see in this photograph?

How many jumps can you do in 1 minute?


As part of our topic about ourselves we investigated how many jumps we could do in 1 minute. We had to count carefully as we jumped. Then we counted hops, claps and skips.