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Toy Pictogram.

When we arrived at school we found a letter from Santa. He had written to tell us that the most popular toy this year, for class 1, was a teddy bear. We decided we would find out if he was right. First, we looked at a range of toys we had for Christmas. Then we voted for our favourite toy. We used the results to make a pictogram. This showed our findings. We learned that the most popular toy, in class 1 this year, was a computer .

What was your favourite toy from Santa this year?


Data Logger.

We made porridge and used the data logger to see which one cooled down the quickest. We put the porridge in the fridge, freezer, outside, and in the classroom and then looked at the data to work out which one … Continue reading

Data Handling.

This week we have learned more about bar charts by making ‘bars’ using bricks. We investigated whether sandwiches or hot dinners were the most popular. We also learned to use maths words ‘more than’ and ‘less than’. Which do you think were the most popular – school dinners or sandwiches?



And the winner is…

After tasting the vegetables yesterday we had to decide which was our favourite today. We made a graph to show our favourite and then used it in our maths. Can you use the data to find the answers to these questions, like we did?
Which is the most popular?
Which is the least popular?
How many children liked spring onions?
How many children were there altogether?
Write your answers as a comment below.