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As part of our farming award we explored the differences between farm animals. We talked how they are the same as well as different. How is a hen different to a cow?

Planting Bulbs For Gifts…

We enjoy trying to make people happy. As Christmas is coming, we are planting bulbs to give to our parents as a gift for Christmas.

We feel it is important to give gifts as this makes others feel good as well as making us happy.

What have you planned to give this Christmas?


Growing Cress For School Dinners.

Today we took more cress, which we have grown, to chef Mark. He used it to decorate the salmon pasta we had for lunch! What have you grown this term for chef Mark to use with school dinners?


Autumn Is On It’s Way..

Today the children have been discussing changes in the weather. We talked about the different seasons , what happens to the leaves on the trees and also temperature. we went for an autumn walk in our woodlands and collected signs … Continue reading

Yoghurt Cake…

We are learning about what products Jack’s mum could have made from Milky the cow’s milk. We had to measure the ingredients using a yoghurt tub. Today we looked at yoghurt. We tasted the yoghurt and made a yoghurt cake. Which is your favourite yoghurt?

Planting Beans.

We have planted bean seeds and will observe them grow. We put them in water and placed them in the warm sunlight. So we could observe the bean seeds growing, we placed them in a plastic beaker with a paper towel to support them staying near the edge of the beaker to make our observations easier. How do you think the seeds will change?


Tidying Our Garden

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This week we have tidied our garden and prepared the soil ready for the spring. We have weeded and planted new seeds. It was fun and we found lots of mini beasts as we dug the soil! Have you prepared … Continue reading


Morrell Wood Farm…

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Class 1 visited Farmer Derek at Morrells Wood farm today. We investigated the farm and found cows and their calves. One calf was only 30 minutes old when we arrived! We also talked about the countryside around us and named … Continue reading

Planting Winter Vegetables…

This week we have planted winter beans and salad seeds. We will grow the salad seeds indoors. We will make sure the seeds are watered. Which seeds have you planted this week?



Visit by BBC!

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Today the BBC came to class 1 and filmed us learning. They wanted to find out about our ‘farming and countryside’ award. We showed them our lovely outdoor environment and let them film us making bread. What did you say … Continue reading