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Cheese And Herb Scones.

As we are learning about herbs we made cheese and herb scones today. We learned to ‘rub’ butter into flour to make the scones. Then we added coriander – one of our favourite herb. The scones were delicious! As we … Continue reading

Planting Acorns We Collected At The Farm Yesterday…

Today, as part of Farming Friday, we have been busy planting acorns from Morrells Wood Farm ready to go into the greenhouse. When they have started to grow Farmer Derek has asked if we can take them back to the farm and plant them there. We can start a ‘Wombridge Woodland’.

How tall do you think the acorns will grow ?


Learning To Make ‘Funnybones’ biscuits.

Today in class 1e have been very busy making Funnybones biscuits.We talked about all the ingredients needed to use to make our dough. We mixed flour, sugar, butter and egg together with vanilla extract. Then we learned how to rollout … Continue reading

Making Milkshakes

For Farming Friday last week we made milkshakes. First, we picked fresh raspberries from our garden. Then, we used raspberries, milk, yoghurt and ice-cream to make our milkshake. We put all the ingredients into a bowl and used a blender to mix them together.

What fruits are you growing in your class garden?

Diwali Sweets

Today for Farming Friday we made Diwali sweets. We used sultanas, condensed milk and ground almonds. We then coated them in desiccated coconut.

What would you like to cooking for Farming Friday?

Planting Bulbs.

Every Friday is Farming Friday in Class 1. We think about planting, growing and cooking and how this can help us develop our brain health. Today we planted bulbs ready to give our parents at Christmas. We looked at the shape of the bulb, talked about which way it should be planted and what it needed for healthy growth. Have you planted any bulbs this autumn?


Planting Potatoes.

Today was Farming Friday and we planted potatoes for our outdoor area. We will harvest the potatoes near Christmas. Have you planted any winter vegetables yet?


Farming Friday

Today in farming Friday the children and a lot of activities to do one in particular is searching for mini beasts. The children had to think of a place that the bugs would be hiding and try to find them.

Baking Muffins.

Today we learned how to bake sultana muffins. We used flour, oil, golden caster sugar, eggs and sultanas. We mixed the ingredients together. The muffins were delicious.

Why are home baked cakes better for us than shop bought muffins?

Radio 4 Visit…

Today Radio 4 visited our school to talk about Farming Friday. Harper Adams University also visited. We had a great day. We are going to be on Radio 4 at 6:30am on Saturday 25th November.

What did you prepare to show the Radio 4 team?