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Where Do Plants Grow Best?

To help us learn about where plants like to grow we have set up an experiment. We planted some cress seeds in different pots and put the pots in different places. One pot was placed on the window ledge so … Continue reading


Growing Cress For School Dinners.

Today we took more cress, which we have grown, to chef Mark. He used it to decorate the salmon pasta we had for lunch! What have you grown this term for chef Mark to use with school dinners?


Plant Sale.

We all enjoyed buying plants, choosing a recipe card to try out and sampling some of the dishes that we’ve all been making over this term. What recipe are you going to try and make?


What Will You Buy From The Plant Sale?

We are growing peas to sell in the plant sale and today we have been making pea soup. What recipe could you make with peas?


Farming Friday.

We have been planting peas, peppers, chillis, basil and coriander, ready for the plant sale, to go with all our other plants that are growing already in the green house. Which ones would you like to buy?


Farming Friday.

As part of our Farming Friday learning today we repotted our lettuce into bigger pots as it’s growing really well and watered them carefully to make sure they keep growing strong.

Pumpkin Seeds.

We are observing our pumpkin seeds and watching them slowly grow. This is part of our experiment to find out if big pumpkin seeds grow big pumpkins. As the seedlings grow we are talking about what we can see. Can you name parts of a seedling.


Planting Potatoes.

Today was Farming Friday and we planted potatoes for our outdoor area. We will harvest the potatoes near Christmas. Have you planted any winter vegetables yet?


Planting Vegetables.

Today we planted cabbages and cauliflowers. We filled the pots with soil and carefully put in a cabbage or cauliflower seedling before watering them in.

Look at Class 1’s keynote, to see us making cauliflower cheese.




Re-potting our plants

The roots for our plant in the plant pots are starting to too big and running out of room to grow. Today, we have been re-potting our plants so that each set of roots had their very own pot. We had to take out each big plant and then add more soil to the new pots.

What do you think each plant is?