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Building A Stick House.

We used the sticks we collected from the woodland area to build the three little pigs house. We carefully laid out the sticks to make the shape of the house and built it so that the wolf can not blow … Continue reading


Woodland Area.

We are going to be building a house out of sticks, like the three little pigs. So we went into the wooded area to collect sticks. We collected long ones, to make it tall and strong ones so the big, … Continue reading

Farming Friday.

Today we have been planting broad beans in seed trays then went into the green house to repot our garlic because it’s growing too big for the pots they are in.

We have also been making fruit salad, using instructions from our maths pictogram, to tell us how many pieces of fruit we need.

What fruit would you put in a fruit salad?

Independent Learning.

We used the mighty writer and the dolls house today, to tell the Christmas story.

We remembered to tell it in the right order and to name all of the characters.