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To help us settle into our new environment we are learning to use equipment carefully. Today, we learned how to use Mobilo. We explored how it can fit together and how we can use it to make models.

What can you make with Mobilo?


Mud Kitchen.

In challenge time today we have been using our imagination in the mud kitchen. We have made cakes and pies using all the equipment. What could you make?

Imaginative Play.

It has been great to meet our new friends again today. We are learning to use our imagination and invent our own stories as we play. We are also enjoying using different equipment to help develop our stories and ideas. What team work activity have you done today?


Water Play

Today in class one the children have been doing water play expressing their imaginative play skill and making things from the resources they had, one child made a water cake using a tub and foam letters. What could you make?


Story Telling.


We are finding out about all the different equipment we have at school to help us learn. What did you enjoy using in class?

Dinosaur small world

During challenge time some of us have been getting the most out of the dinosaur small world play. We have made caves out of play dough, made families of dinosaurs, discovered new places with the dinosaurs and researched the names of dinosaurs and what they used to eat.