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Learning To Use An IPad.

We really enjoy using iPads. Today, some of us learned how to make marks on an iPad, using our finger. We also tried changing the colour of the pen as we drew and scribed. It was very tricky but we persevered.

What have you learned to do on an iPad this week?


Writing Our Name.

Our names are very important and today we have been learning to write our name. We can then write it on all our super pieces of work so they do not get lost! We have been writing our name indoors … Continue reading


Today we used words, picture prompts and action words to make sentences ‘All About Me’.

We said our sentence and then wrote it down.

Next we used the iPads to video our friends doing the actions and saying their sentences. What app would you use to add photographs, text and audio?

Talking about farm visit

Today we recalled our visit to the farm. We used the iPads to draw our image and then wrote a sentence about what we had seen independently.

What did you see at the farm?


Today in phonics the children have learnt a new phoneme ‘oa’ and have been looking at different words where this sound appears. The children have completed different activities where they looked at this sound, doing work on iPads, sheets and outdoor learning.

All About Me

Today we read a poem about ‘ME’. We were inside on the iPads on sketchbook, we looked in the mirror to think of new interesting words to describe ourselves.  We then draw a picture of ourselves on the iPad.




Green Screen Videoing.

Today we used the green screen app on the iPads, to make videos of us retelling the story of Funny Bones, and added pictures we had made to the background.



Using iPads To Retell A Story.

This week we are learning about the story of the enormous turnip. We listened to the story then drew pictures of story events on the iPad. Can you tell the story of the enormous turnip to your friend?

Learning To Use iPads To Write.


This week we have learned to use iPads to write during phonics. We thought about the shape of graphemes and where we should start each grapheme. What have you written on an iPad?