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Facts About Sheep.

Today we have been discussing all the facts we know about the sheep we saw at Cardingmill Valley. We then wrote all our facts down. What facts do you know about sheep?



Today we have been writing a recount of our visit to Cardingmill Valley. We used our photos to help us and made sure to order what happened, using temporal connectives so it made sense and used adjectives so it was … Continue reading

Dinosaur Roar

Today we had two special visitors from year 5. We went into the library and listened to the story ‘Dinosaur Roar,’ by Paul & Henrietta Strickland, read by our friends form year 5. We really enjoyed it.

What’s your favourite story?

Kind Words

Today in the afternoon class one made their own little personal posters where they drew a colourful picture of them and their friends. The children then annotated the drawing saying kind words about them.

What kind things could you say about your friends?


Natural Materials

Some of the children in class 1 went out and in their activity they used natural materials to spell out their own names, the children used Sticks, stones, flowers and even mud. They had to think about the letter formation … Continue reading


Today class one have been looking at instructions and what they mean. All of class one had 2 or more instructions, they carried out the instructions and ordered them into what they did first and second.

What do you follow instructions for?



Today class 1 have been learning instructions, the children had a set of instructions to follow in a certain order. The children made sure to listen so they didn’t miss anything, they hopped, skipped, stood on one leg and started … Continue reading


Food Testing

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Today in class 1 the children went to see Will a visitor who came to share some foods for the children, Will brought some salami and background on foods which the children have been learning about such as “food travel”. … Continue reading


Today in class 1 the children have been learning a new sound, “th”. The children worked independently and in group doing different activities based around their new sound. Children used their segmenting and blending when saying words with the sound in.

Can you segment and blend using “th”?

Rhyming couplets

Today in class 1 children have been looking at rhyming couplets. The pupils had to look at a word and think of a word that rhymes with it. Some children went out in groups to look at rhyming cards to support them. How many words can you think of which rhyme with ‘hat’?