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This week, as we settle into our new routine, we are using new equipment to learn to match. We are matching colours and talking about our learning. We have to use the matching skill in every day life such as matching 2 socks to make a pair.

Can you think of any other time you have to match in real life?

Learning To Sort.

This week we are learning to sort and match. As we are learning about ‘ourselves’ we have sorted and matched our socks. Some of us have sorted according to our own criteria whilst others have sorted according to given criteria. We learned lots of new words such as ‘sort’, ‘set’, ‘pair’, ‘more than’ and ‘less than’. We compared sets and talked about how each of our sets were the same or different. Have a look in your sock drawer: How can you sort your socks?



Class 1 are learning to match. This week we have learned to match. We matched bears and talked about their size and colour. Can you think of times when you have to use your matching skills?


Learning To use Mobilo.

This week we are learning to use equipment in our new class. Today we used mobilo, fixing pieces together and making our own models. Then we explored using work cards where we matched pieces and made a model. It was great fun and we were very proud of our models. Can you think of other equipment we could learn to use to make models?


Today we learnt all about sorting. We looked at the colour and shape of the objects and sorted them into sets that matched.


We enjoy maths games. This week we learned to play dominoes as this helps us learn to count and match. We also had to practise taking turns. It was good fun. Can you think of other maths games we can learn to play?