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Making Patterns…

We have shown we can use our Maths learning in everything we do at school. We can make patterns with lots of different objects including our pegs. What pattern can you make outdoors today?


Chair Champs

Today we competed in chair champs along with the rest of the school. Mitch from class 4 was the champ.

Baking Funnybones Biscuits

Today class 1 made Funnybones biscuits. They followed the recipe and decorated them with icing sugar.

Which biscuits have you made?


Today class one have started looking at patterns and what you ha e to do to make them. All of class one said that you have to follow the pattern by repeating the same thing over and over again.

Do you know how to make a pattern?


Today in the afternoon we looked at capacity and when we went into groups we looked at different amounts of capacity that the pot could hold, we filled one pot full, one pot half full and another we left empty. We all made sure we had the right amount before putting them in the correct space.

Do you know what capacity means?


Today class one have been looking at instructions and what they mean. All of class one had 2 or more instructions, they carried out the instructions and ordered them into what they did first and second.

What do you follow instructions for?


Today the children in class one have been learning how to double a given number. The children have been set tasks where they would require a number and double it using stones or mud pies The children said “doubling is like adding the same number twice”.


Today in class 1 the children have been looking at halving sets of stones. The children had 10 or more stones and they had to put them into two equal groups. The children then tried to use words such as ‘equal’, ‘the same’,and  ‘halving’ in their explanation. How would you calculate half of 20?


Today in class 1 the children have been measuring using blocks, the children had to make an estimate on how many blocks they thought the object was in length. The children then measured the amount of blocks to find how close their estimate was.

Least and Most

Today in class 1 some of the children looked at the data we collected last week and made their own estimate on which they thought would be the most and least. The children then counted all the flowers and found out the correct answers, also correcting their own answer if they were incorrect.