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Toy Pictogram.

When we arrived at school we found a letter from Santa. He had written to tell us that the most popular toy this year, for class 1, was a teddy bear. We decided we would find out if he was right. First, we looked at a range of toys we had for Christmas. Then we voted for our favourite toy. We used the results to make a pictogram. This showed our findings. We learned that the most popular toy, in class 1 this year, was a computer .

What was your favourite toy from Santa this year?



For our Maths lesson today we are learning all about capacity, looking at empty and full containers and how many we can fill. How many containers do you think you could fill from one jug of water?

Which Is Class 1’s Favourite Toy?

This term our topic is ‘toys’. We did an investigation to find out what class 1’s favourite toy is? We recorded our results on a pictograms. What is your favourite toy?