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Skittles using maths.

Today the children how been learning to take away using skittles . Counting carefully how many skittles are left when they have bowled and then record the score. What object would you use to take away a number?


Learning About Patterns.

Today we have been learning about patterns, looking at a sequence and explain how this is repeated. What pattern can you make?


Learning to add one more…..

We have busy in maths today looking at what happens when we add one more.We have been talking about how the number gets bigger when adding more.What have you been counting today?


Today we have been counting different things in our new environment. We are learning to say numbers in the right order.

What can you count?


Chair Champs.

A big well done to Tom who won chair Champs today. Well done to everyone that tried hard and competed with him.


Repeating Patterns.

Today in maths we have been creating repeating patterns. We used a range of 2 and 3 different objects and made sure to repeat them in the right sequence to make the repeating pattern. What objects would you use to … Continue reading


Number Clubs.

In our maths learning today we have been completing our number club challenges. We have been reading the questions carefully and working out the answers to the add and takeaway number sentences. 



We have been using objects from around class 1 to measure using our hands or feet.. We estimated how long they would be before measuring them to see if we were correct, then we compared objects and ordered them in … Continue reading



Today we continued our learning on doubling. We used the equipment to double our numbers to make a bigger number.



While we have been doing 1 more and 1 less in our maths learning, we have been practicing writing our digits correctly and in the right order.