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Today we have been using bricks to measure objects in our outdoor area. We measured how tall, wide and long different objects were. We had to use our Counting skills to carefully count. What do you use to measure with?


Learning To Make ‘Funnybones’ biscuits.

Today in class 1e have been very busy making Funnybones biscuits.We talked about all the ingredients needed to use to make our dough. We mixed flour, sugar, butter and egg together with vanilla extract. Then we learned how to rollout … Continue reading



We have been using objects from around class 1 to measure using our hands or feet.. We estimated how long they would be before measuring them to see if we were correct, then we compared objects and ordered them in … Continue reading


Challenge Time.

To continue our maths learning we challenged ourselves this afternoon and designed an activity to measure objects. We built a tower and carefully measured it using the meter sticks, adding more objects until it was the same height as the … Continue reading


Today in class 1 the children have been measuring using blocks, the children had to make an estimate on how many blocks they thought the object was in length. The children then measured the amount of blocks to find how close their estimate was.


Today in class 1 the children have been learning how to measure when using their hands and feet. The children measured the sticks they collected from the woodlands and made their own estimates before measuring accurately.


Today we were measuring objects. We used bricks and made sure there were no gaps, that they were the same size and that we counted them carefully to see how tall the object was.

What can you measure.

Measuring using our feet.

Today we measured the distance between the logs using our feet. We made sure there were no gaps between our feet and that we counted our steps carefully. Then we recorded the distance, writing our numbers correctly. 

What else can you measure using your feet?


Measuring ‘Me’.

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We are learning to measure using bricks. We measured how tall we were using bricks. First we estimated then we measured our height. How tall are you?

Learning to measure whilst gardening!

There are always gardening jobs to be done! This week in maths we have been learning to measure height, length and capacity. We filled up the watering can and watered the garden until it was empty which helped us with capacity and some of us measured how tall the broccoli has grown (we think the giant has dropped some magic giant dust on it!)