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Retelling the Story.

We pretended to be the characters from Jack and the Beanstalk Story. We acted out the story, remembering to get it all in order.



While we have been doing 1 more and 1 less in our maths learning, we have been practicing writing our digits correctly and in the right order.



Continuing our learning on coding, we programmed Beebot’s making sure our instructions were clear and in order. We planned our directions first before programming them in to see if they worked.


Today we learnt to sequence the story of Kipper.

We retold the story, remembering to say what happened in the Beginning, Middle, and then the End.

Independent Learning.

We used the mighty writer and the dolls house today, to tell the Christmas story.

We remembered to tell it in the right order and to name all of the characters.

The Story Of Christmas.

Today we used paint to help us retell the story of Christmas.

As we painted we talked about what happened in the story and remembered to use clear voices as we spoke.

We tried hard to tell it in the right order and use lots of Christmas words.

Telling The Christmas Story.

Today we used pictures to help us to order and talk about the Story of Christmas.

When we talked we made sure it was in the right order, so the story made sense and that we were using lots of the Christmas Story words.

We all spoke in very clear voices and tried to grip the reader.