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Writing Our Name.

Our names are very important and today we have been learning to write our name. We can then write it on all our super pieces of work so they do not get lost! We have been writing our name indoors … Continue reading


Today we have been ordering numbers from 0 to 10 on the playground.

How else have you ordered this week?


Today in class 1 the children have been learning a new sound, “th”. The children worked independently and in group doing different activities based around their new sound. Children used their segmenting and blending when saying words with the sound in.

Can you segment and blend using “th”?


Today the children in class one have been learning how to double a given number. The children have been set tasks where they would require a number and double it using stones or mud pies The children said “doubling is like adding the same number twice”.

Farming Friday

Today in farming Friday the children and a lot of activities to do one in particular is searching for mini beasts. The children had to think of a place that the bugs would be hiding and try to find them.

Rhyming couplets

Today in class 1 children have been looking at rhyming couplets. The pupils had to look at a word and think of a word that rhymes with it. Some children went out in groups to look at rhyming cards to support them. How many words can you think of which rhyme with ‘hat’?

Least and Most

Today in class 1 some of the children looked at the data we collected last week and made their own estimate on which they thought would be the most and least. The children then counted all the flowers and found out the correct answers, also correcting their own answer if they were incorrect.

Tricky Words

Today in class one the children have been looking at some tricky words. The children worked in different areas to write and remember these different tricky words. They practiced “all, are and they”

Collecting Sticks!

Today in class one the children took a trip up to the forest so they could find lots of different shaped and sized twigs. The children will be making a house out of the Three Little Pigs later on the week with those twigs. Why do you think class 1 need to collect sticks and twigs?


Today in class one the children have been starting to look at subtraction and what they think it means. The children used number lines outdoors to help them understand that they need to jump backwards to subtract. They checked answers using Jacks magic beans!