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MiniBeasts Hunt….

Today, during outdoor learning, we found a red ladybird. The ladybird had 6 spots on and they were black. We watched the ladybird carefully and made sure it went back to its home. What MiniBeasts have you found today?


Getting Creative Outdoors….

Today during our outdoor learning we drew lots of different pictures on the playground using chalk. Some children drew the cottage from Goldilocks and the Three Bears while others drew number lines and faces. How have you been creative today?


Can you see Goldilocks in there?

Today we looking in the trees to see if we could spot Goldilocks. We described the trees using our amazing adjectives, we described there colour and height, we found out that the trees were taller than our school! What can … Continue reading

Building Houses….

Today we were challenged to build houses just like the one from Goldilocks and the Three Bears using different equipment. Some children chose to build their house using the plastic bricks. What equipment could you build a house out of?

Enjoying Sport…

It is great to be playing games with friends, learning new skills and keeping fit. What games have you played today?


Art work using natural materials …

Today we have been talking about the differences between natural and man made materials. We collected a range of natural materials including leaves, Sticks, fir cones and moss then used these to make a collage. We enjoyed using our senses … Continue reading

Learning To Segment And Blend To Read.

We really enjoy reading and stories in class 1. As we are learning our phonemes we are growing more confident reading short sentences. Today, we worked in pairs outdoors. We ran to find a question written on paper then, after reading it, sorted the questions into sets of questions where the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

How do you read unfamiliar words?

Enjoying Learning To Read…

We are really proud of our learning, especially our reading. Today, we learned about the phoneme ‘ch’. Then we went outdoors to segment and blend to read lots of ‘ch’ words. We used natural materials to show sound buttons in each word.

How many words can you think of which have the phoneme ‘ch’ in them?


Making 3D Shapes In The Mud Kitchen…

As we are learning about 3D shapes class 1 enjoyed using the mud kitchen to dig and create their own 3D shapes. As we learned we tried using 3D shape words. We enjoyed sharing ideas and looking at each other’s … Continue reading


Writing Outdoors.

We all enjoy outdoor learning. We enjoy choosing different equipment to write with in all of our outdoor learning areas. Today, we enjoyed practising writing letters correctly outdoors. Why is it important to write letters properly?