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Taking about our favourite toys …..

This term we are learning about toys. We have been busy today telling each other about our favourite toy and why this toy is special. This bunny is very special as it is soft and cuddly. This is a transformer … Continue reading


The ENORMOUS Turnip.

Today we have been busy making an enormous turnip for our class display. We had lots of fun sticking, collating and painting using autumn colour. First we drew a turnip then we began to colour it using different art medium. … Continue reading

Segmenting and Blending.

Today we painted pictures of Kippers and his toy box.

We then wrote a sentence about our picture by carefully segmenting and blending the words we wanted to use and wrote the graphemes that we needed, using alphabet strips to help us.

The Story Of Christmas.

Today we used paint to help us retell the story of Christmas.

As we painted we talked about what happened in the story and remembered to use clear voices as we spoke.

We tried hard to tell it in the right order and use lots of Christmas words.

Making Green Leaves.

As we are learning about Jack And The Beanstalk we wanted to make a giant beanstalk. We used paint to make different shades of green and used this knowledge to paint some very big leaves! Do you know what colours you use to make green?

Funny Bones.

Today we were retelling the story of funny bones. Then we painted pictures  of our favourite part of the story.

What’s your favourite part?


Painting Pictures Of Kipper’s Toybox!

This week we are painting pictures of Kipper’s Toybox to help us tell the story. We chose our favourite part of the story and painted a picture to match. Then we scribed our idea underneath our picture. We had to think about the beginning, middle and end of the story. Which is your favourite story about a toy?

Painting Pictures To Retell Story Events.

To help us retell the story of the enormous turnip we painted some fantastic pictures. Can you paint pictures of Story events?