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Learning To Segment And Blend To Read.

We really enjoy reading and stories in class 1. As we are learning our phonemes we are growing more confident reading short sentences. Today, we worked in pairs outdoors. We ran to find a question written on paper then, after reading it, sorted the questions into sets of questions where the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

How do you read unfamiliar words?


We really enjoy phonics and today played a game where we used phonemes to make a word. Each word had the phoneme ‘ow’. Some words were real words whilst other words were silly. We had to make sure the phonemes were in the correct order so we needed to listen carefully to the word as we said it.

How many words can you think of which contain the digraph ‘ow’?

Enjoying Learning To Read…

We are really proud of our learning, especially our reading. Today, we learned about the phoneme ‘ch’. Then we went outdoors to segment and blend to read lots of ‘ch’ words. We used natural materials to show sound buttons in each word.

How many words can you think of which have the phoneme ‘ch’ in them?


Writing our grapheme W ….

We have been busy today practicing how to write ‘w’. Can you think of words beginning with W?


Today in phonics we segmented words. We searched and sorted words into groups of silly and real.

What is a digraph?


This week we have been taking it in turns to go into the mud kitchen area to scribe our graphemes in the mud.

What else have you been doing in phonics?

Learning About the Grapheme ‘e’

Today we learned to write the grapheme ‘e’. We had to think carefully where to start the grapheme as we wrote it. Then we said the phoneme.

How many words can you think of which begin with ‘e’?



We are learning to write our name. We have practised scribing each grapheme and have begun to learn to use our new name cards. We have written our name using chalks, paint and water, coloured pens, pencils and crayons. We have also used gloop! Can you write your name yet?


Today in class 1 the children have been learning a new sound, “th”. The children worked independently and in group doing different activities based around their new sound. Children used their segmenting and blending when saying words with the sound in.

Can you segment and blend using “th”?


Today in phonics the children have learnt a new phoneme ‘oa’ and have been looking at different words where this sound appears. The children have completed different activities where they looked at this sound, doing work on iPads, sheets and outdoor learning.